Taller de Blues Dance en Blue Move con Kenneth Shipp(USA). Concierto con Victor Puerta y Martín Burguez

Shuffle weekend

Shuffle weekend


Kenneth Shipp es originario de St. Louis, MO y es un instructor que creció bailando hip-hop y siendo DJ en competencias de breakdance antes de sumergirse en el blues. Ha pasado los últimos años estudiando apasionadamente la familia de los ritmos de blues, incorporando su personalidad nerd en el proceso. Las experiencias de vida de Kenneth influyen en su estilo de baile y enseñanza, de modo que los estudiantes se van con una mejor comprensión histórica y contextual. Con cada clase y práctica, te animará a abordar el baile social con tranquilidad, relajación o, en otras palabras, “Chill The F$%& Out.” Cuando no está bailando, probablemente lo encontrarás hablando sin parar sobre la última película taquillera, juego o convención nerd, o intentando desesperadamente desmantelar instituciones tóxicas.



VIERNES 1/12/23


Welcome Shuffle Party con DJ Miguel & Maud 


SÁBADO 2/12/23


Blues coffee welcome


Nivel: INTERMEDIO (de 11 a 14h)


Close Embrace Challenge

Come to class ready to push past your close embrace defaults, evaluating the feel and position of your close embrace, and recognize the areas to play in this position from dance to dance. We’ll work on your classic connection while exploring new ways to connect in your posture, energy, and shaping, alternating between jookin and ballroom close embrace dances, like Slow Drag or Savoy Walk.


Janky Shapes

Black dancers in the juke joint utilized a variety of asymmetrical shapes and contrasting textures in their blues dances that felt incredibly cool. We’ll dive into mastering and adding these ideas and shapes into your jookin’ dances so that you get closer to what the old timers looked and felt like. We’ll also explore how they keep a single move like the fishtail fresh and interesting for a whole song by using their shapes and bodies.


Intro To Texas Shuffle

This West Coast Blues dance, originally born from Texas musicians, features fancy footwork, sliding and gliding with a partner up and down the slot, and fun turns and shaping that make it stand out from other blues dances.

NIVEL : AVANZADO (de 16h30 a 19h30)


Connection Connection

We will explore the old ways we’ve connected with our partners, find areas we can grow and improve, along with tackling new areas we may have previously ignored as options to connect in close embrace, closed and open positions. Along the way, we’ll explore how this works in different blues idioms so you can seamlessly switch between them with ease.


From The Ground Up

As advanced dancers, we tend to get focused on one mechanic as we move around the room or have defaulted to a variety of old habits. We will examine these common pitfalls, which ones are useful to keep or which ones need to be drilled out, and how we can set a plan to go about doing that.


Country Blues Dances

From early Delta moves, across the states in the Piedmont region, to more recent sounds like Mississippi Hill Country, country blues can take such variety that it may throw us for a loop during a social dance. This class will train your ear on what to listen and adapt for while giving you primers on blues dances that work well with those various musical styles.


Time to Dance!




DOMINGO 3/12/23


Musicality con Martín Burguez (All levels)


Nivel: INTERMEDIO (de 12h a 14h)


Texas Shuffle Slow Drag to Struttin

We will use one of the oldest blues steps, the Slow Drag, and see how musical changes can quickly morph the dance into its various offshoots, particularly with Memphis Struttin and its fast-paced movement. This will help us drill deeper into our blues aesthetics while also connecting how black dances influence one another generation after generation.


Doing The Strut

This New Orleans style ballroom dance features a unique twist and roll in the shoulders that generates a lot of fun possibilities for lead and follows as they strut around the room. If you have done some of these before, we’ll also explore new ways to connect or create turns from this style


Nivel: AVANZADO (de 16h a 18h)


Texas Shuffle Basics and Beyond

A great blend if you’ve never done or only started doing the shuffle, but have prior blues experience. If you’ve done Texas Shuffle before, you’ll get a refresher, tips to fine tune your aesthetic, and try some new moves. If this is new for you, we’ll give you the basics as we go along and get you moving and grooving in the slot in no time.


Leveling Up Your Call and Response

As experienced dancers, you’ve been using the blues form to signal changes between lead and follow, using the melodic line to trade ideas, or felt subtle changes when your partner wanted to add more to the conversation. We’ll push you to explore those areas more so you can improve your conversation, increase your chances for pulling off great moves and musical opportunities with your partner.


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